Business Letter - Sample


  • Please use a word processor (MS Word, Text Edit, etc) to write your own letter
  • Copy/paste and EDIT the text sample below in the bold font sections, replacing it with the information pertaining to your case When you are finished, please print your final letter on company letterhead/stationery
  • A consulate address on the letter is not necessary
  • The letter must be hand-signed by anyone else other than the applicant

****Please print on company stationery****


Consulate General of (Country)
Visa Section

RE: Business Visa to (Country) For (Mr./Mrs. Last Name)

Dear Visa Officer,

On behalf of (Applicant’s Name),currently employed as (Job Position) since (Hired Date), we are submitting (His/Her) valid passport and required visa application materials. We are requesting a (Specify the type and desired validity of the visa (ie. a one year multiple entry business visa)).

The traveler is planning a business visit to (Country) with the following activities: (Brief Description of Business Trip). “No technical work or assistance will be provided during their stay in (Country)”. They will depart on (Date) and will arrive in (Country) on (Date). They will remain in (Country) for approximately (Amount) days. We would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide us in expediting this process.

While in your country (Name of Applicant) will be meeting with:
(Contact Company Name)
(Contact Name)
(Contact Address 1)
(Contact Address 2)
(Contact Telephone)

(Company) will assume all financial responsibility and guarantees that (Applicant’s Name), will have adequate funds in their possession, as well as confirmed accommodations and return transportation. (Company) also guarantees that they will not become dependent upon the Government of (Country) in any way during the course of their visit.

Thank you for your kind assistance in this matter.




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