What’s a Visa?
A Visa is a document that allows you to travel to a specific country for a specific period of time. It is generally issued by a country’s Consulate. A Visa may be stamped or glued to the inside of a passport, or it may be issued electronically (such as in Australia). A Visa may allow only one visit, or it may allow multiple visits.

Do I need a Visa?
Some countries require that you have a Visa to enter, while some countries may have agreements with each other to waive Visa requirements to travel back and forth. Most visas must be obtained prior to arrival without a Visa, you will be prevented from boarding flights to many countries.

How do I get a Visa?
The Consulates or Embassies of various countries are responsible for authorizing Visas. In order to receive your Visa, you will have to provide the appropriate Visa documentation. 24 Hour Passports and Visas can expedite Emergency Visas by submitting the proper documents to your destination’s Consulate or Embassy.

I need a visa but I’m a foreign national, can you assist?
If you are a foreign national who legally resides in country other than their nationality as either a Resident Alien or valid long term visa holder, we may be able to assist with travel that requires a visa.

What’s a Visa Invitation or Confirmation?
Visa Invitations or Confirmations are sponsor letters or documents that are approved by the Foreign Ministry of a country that authorize someone to visit. These documents usually include the itinerary dates of stay, the name of a hosting organization, the cities of visit, an official reference number, and a seal of approval. Formats will vary by country.

Does United PVS guarantee that I will get my visa?
We do not guarantee that a visa will be issued by the embassy or consulate. While it does not happen frequently, any embassy or consulate can decide not to issue a visa at any time and for any reason.


What’s a Passport?
A passport is a travel document that serves as official proof of citizenship and is issued by the government of your country of residence. In the United States, passports are issued by the U.S. Passport Agency.

How long will my U.S. Passport be valid for?
If you were 16 or older at the time of issue, your passport will be valid for 10 years. If you were under 16 at the time of issue, then your passport will be valid for 5 years. If you are traveling abroad, most countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months or longer beyond the stay of your trip. If your passport expires sooner, you will need to renew.

Do children under 16 require Passport?
Yes, every U.S. citizen must have a passport to travel, infants included.

Are there specific requirements for my Passport Photo?
Yes, photographs must be 2” x 2” in size, taken within the past 6 months, and on a white background.

Brazil e-Visa F.A.Q

Will I definitely get a visa if I apply online?
If I get a visa, am I guaranteed entry in Brazil? The decision to grant entry visas for Brazil is entirely at the discretion of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) – Traveldocs cannot guarantee that your visa application will be approved. The granting of a visa does not guarantee entry into Brazil; the final decision is made by immigration officers at the point of entry.

My passport is expiring soon – can I still get a visa?
All visitors need to have a valid passport for at least six (6) months from the date of application. If your passport validity is less than six months, you will have to renew or apply for a fresh your passport before you can apply for an e-Visa. You would also be required to enter and exit Brazil before your passport expires.

What is the validity of a Brazil Visitor’s visa?
The validity of visitor’s visa depends on the nationality of applicants. Generally it is 2 years from the date of issue or till the passport expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Will the visitor’s visa be Multiple Entry or Single Entry visa?
Usually a visitor’s visa is for Multiple Entry, but it is at the sole discretion of Brazil's MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) whether to grant a Multiple Entry or a Single Entry visa. The Visitor’s visa issued through this service is a Multiple Entry Visa.

Do children or infants need a visa?
Yes. All applicants, including children and infants must have a visa to enter Brazil. This also includes infants travelling on parents' laps.

What travel purposes is the Brazilian Visitor Visa valid for?
The Visitor e-Visa to Brazil is issued for the following travel purposes:

    Business: A business visitor is a person who will attend o meetings, trade fairs, and business events, prospect commercial opportunities, sign contracts, audit or consult. The exercise of paid activity in Brazil is forbidden and the length of stay cannot exceed 90 days.
    Tourism: Tourism visitor is a person who wishes to carry out activities of a tourist, informative or recreational nature, as well as visiting family members in Brazil.
    Transit: Transit visitor is a person who, in order to reach the country of destination, must enter in Brazilian national territory. It is not necessary to grant a visa to a person on a continuous voyage, who has to make stopovers or connections in Brazil, provided that: 1) he / she stays in the international transit area of the Brazilian port or airport, without the need to pass Brazilian immigration control, and 2) is the holder of a single air ticket, even if issued by two or more airlines that have a cooperation agreement between them.
    Journalism: Journalism visitor is a person who acts as a journalist and who stay does not exceed 90 days.
    Sport Activities: This type of visitor is a person who has the purpose of carrying out sports activities for a short stay, with no intention of establishing residence, intending to perform sports activities and participate in sports competitions, even if he/she will receive prizes, including cash.
    Artistic Activities: This type of visitor is a person who comes to Brazil for a short stay, without intention to establish residence, for the purpose of performing artistic activities and for participation in artistic competitions, even if he/she will receive prizes, including cash.
    Seminars or Conferences: This type of visitor is a person who wishes to come to Brazil to participate in conferences, seminars, congresses or meetings, characterized as specific events. These visitors do not receive remuneration in Brazil for their activities. The visa can be granted even if a person obtains reimbursement of the expenses of stay, transport, and food, directly or by means of daily.
    Cultural Program: This type of visitor is a person who wishes to carry out cultural activities.
    Scientific Program: This type of visitor is a person who wishes to carry out scientific research and scientific cooperation activities, provided that the stay does not exceed 90 days.
    Research Activities: This type of visitor is a person who wishes to carry out academic extension activities, provided that the stay does not exceed 90 days.
    Studies: This type of visitor is a person who wishes to carry out teaching and learning activities, in addition to supervised internships, provided that the stay does not exceed 90 days.
    Crewmember: This type of visitor is a person who will act as an aircraft or vessel crew member, except for cases when the visitor presents an international seafarer card issued under the terms of the Convention of the International Organization of Labor - ILO.
    Voluntary activities: This type of visitor is a person who wishes to act as a volunteer, provided their stay does not exceed 90 days
    Fiance or spouse of a Brazilian citizen: This type of visitor is a person who comes to visit their Brazilian spouse or family.
    Short Term Medical Treatment: This type of visitor is a person who is granted short medical or therapeutic treatment, provided that the stay does not exceed 90 days and that he has sufficient means of subsistence to pay for his treatment and maintenance during the period in which the treatment is carried out, by own resource, health insurance valid in the national territory or certificate of provision of health service provided in an international agreement.

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