China Jurisdiction Letter


  • This Letter must be Notarized and sent to us with your documents.
  • Please use a word processor (MS Word, Text Edit, etc) to write your own letter.
  • Copy/paste and EDIT the text sample below in the bold font sections, replacing it with the information pertaining to your case.
  • A consulate address on the letter is not necessary.
  • The letter must be hand-signed by the applicant.


The Visa Officer
Consulate General of China

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to confirm that I, (Applicant's Name), am a resident of (City, State) and live at the address provided below. This letter is also to confirm that I am within the United States at the time of applying for this China visa.

Address Line 1
Address Line 2

Attached you will find a (Gas, Water, Power, Sewage, Lease/mortgate agreement) as my proof of address, I respectfully request that I be issued the appropriate visa for my travel.

Thank you for your kind assistance in this matter.

Kind regards,

(Applicant's Name)