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Get Your Visa Expedited

There's no need to waste your time standing in long lines and getting confused over the obstacles of obtaining your visas. Working with us, your international travel visa service will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Getting your visa for international destinations through United PVS is going to save you valuable time and money. We’re in great terms with the foreign consulates. You won’t be running back and forth for forgotten, or additional documents, and we’ll have your international travel visa ready in half the time of what it takes to obtain visas without our assistance.

Get Your Passport Expedited

Applying for expedited US Passport services through our service is the quick clearance solution to travel internationally. Using traditional methods, applications for US Passport renewals and new passports can take 6 weeks. Working with United PVS for expedited US Passport and international travel visa services will allow you to be ready for departure without delay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, a travel agent or a corporate travel department – United PVS offers you the hassle-free, fast approach to US Passport services. You’ll get excellent customer care as our client.

Get started. It's as easy as...


Gather Requirements

Select the Passport or Travel Visa service needed. Online requirements, saves time and provides necessary information.


Send Us Your Documents

We review and submit your documents while keeping you informed throughout the entire process.


Receive Your Passport or Visa

Once complete your Renewed Passport / International Travel Visa is delivered via Fedex or UPS with tracking.

At United Passport and Visa Services, we are able to take care of all of your passport and visa needs! Contact us for your rush passport and visa requirements.